ALL+互動英語 08月號/2021 第201期

ALL+互動英語 08月號/2021 第201期
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Step Up Your Instagram Game with These Tips and Tricks

Molly Leonard

Once, photography was practiced only by individuals who possessed expensive cameras and lenses. But today, anyone can take high-quality photos thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones. This, combined with the rise of photo-sharing apps like Instagram, has caused photography to become much more popular. Here are a few tips that will make your photos stand out from the crowd.

Food Photography
These days, everyone is a food photographer. Perhaps the most important aspect of food photography is the composition of the shot. Photos taken from a low angle often include distracting background elements, such as glasses and other diners. Worse still, these objects are usually cut off in the frame. If you’re going to take a low-angle shot, make sure it focuses on the meal’s delicious details, and if possible, use your phone’s portrait mode to blur the background a little. If you want to take a wider shot of the entire dish or multiple dishes, position yourself so you can take the photo from above. And be sure to line everything up nicely. Framing your shot using the phone’s grid tool will help.





看新聞學英語:馬斯克的Neuralink公司讓猴子用大腦操控電玩Elon Musk’s Neuralink Allows Monkey to Play Video Games with Its Mind

熱門話題字:狗狗幣dogecoin / 快篩rapid screening / 串流巨擘Streaming giant

文學花園:火車上的吃人事件Cannibalism in the Cars

奧運專題:奧運會是否可表達政治訴求?The Olympics: A Place for Protests?

CNN主播教你說英語:呼叫史巴特醫師 醫院試驗機器狗Paging Dr. Spot: Hospital Trials Robotic Canine

情境對話:圖解夏日海灘用品Gearing Up for the Beach / 到海邊玩!Going to the Beach

繞著地球玩:泰國 遊客的度假天堂Thailand: A Traveler’s Paradise

文化認識:歌頌愛情的甜蜜情人節Celebrations of Love

寫作練習:翻譯寫作Translation Practice

工程與歷史:海上交通的捷徑Shortcuts for Ships!

藝術與生活:用這些技巧讓你拍出IG美照Step Up Your Instagram Game with These Tips and Tricks

會話百分百:旅客服務中心英語At the Visitor Information Center

美食饗宴:愛上煉乳的甜蜜魔力The Sweet Success of Condensed Milk

人物側寫:奉俊昊 獨樹一幟的電影導演Bong Joon-ho: A Unique Voice in Film

主題式寫作:練習撰寫個人短文Personal Essay

英文慣用語:自尋死路;自作自受dig one’s own grave

電影快報:自殺突擊隊 集結The Suicide Squad /尖叫旅社 變形怪獸Hotel Transylvania :Transformania

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