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ALL+互動英語 2021年02月號 第195期

  • 刊別:月刊
  • 出版地區:台灣
  • 語言:繁體中文
  • 出版社:希伯崙
  • 出版日期:2021/02/01


The Trans-Siberian Railway: A Journey through Time
Jay Sailors
2/4 (THU)
Arguably the most famous of all the historic rail lines, the Trans-Siberian Railway crosses most of Russia, connecting Moscow to the Pacific port of Vladivostok. Built between 1891 and 1916, the line brought huge economic benefits to the country upon completion and still provides a unique, inspiring travel experience to this day.
The railway is a triumph of engineering, but construction was no easy task. Workers had to dig tunnels through mountains and build bridges over 16 major rivers. The result was a railway more than 9,000 kilometers long that amazed the world and became a source of national pride. Today, it’s still the world’s longest railway, spanning eight time zones and taking seven full days to travel.
The railway was originally intended5 to transport goods across Russia, thereby expanding trade with East Asia. This, it was argued, would contribute to Russia’s growing political and economic power. While it remains an important transport link, carrying 30 percent of Russia’s yearly exports, the railway has also become an increasingly popular tourist attraction. Needless to say, the majority of passengers are locals traveling across Russia, but the route attracts plenty of foreigners too. One look at the photographs these travelers have taken and it’s easy to see why this is the case.
這條鐵路原本是準備用來將貨物運輸至俄羅斯各地,從而擴展與東亞的貿易。有人認為這能促成俄羅斯不斷增長的政治及經濟實力。儘管西伯利亞鐵路仍然是重要的交通樞紐,運送俄羅斯每年百分之三十的出口商品,但也逐漸成為熱門的觀光景點。當然,大多數的乘客都是往來俄羅斯各地的當地人,但這條路線也吸引許多外國人。只要看一眼這些旅客拍的照片,就很容易了解為什麼會如此。2/5 (FRI)
As trains pull out of Moscow, passengers can’t help but turn their gaze to the ever-changing landscape. It’s time to relax and enjoy the scenery.
Perhaps the most famous spot along the route is Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest lake. If you’re feeling particularly daring during the train’s brief stop there, you can dash down to the lakeside to plunge a limb into the icy water for good luck. Just don’t get left behind! Of course, you could always stay longer at this stunning location in Irkutsk, which offers outdoor activities ranging from hiking to dogsledding.
Those more interested in history and architecture might like to visit Yekaterinburg or Kazan. The former hosts the golden-domed Church upon the Blood, which marks the place where the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II, and his wife and children were murdered during the Bolshevik Revolution. And the latter contains the Kazan Kremlin, the only remaining Tatar fortress. Within its walls is the spectacular Kul Sharif Mosque, whose delicately patterned white-and-turquoise interior is well worth seeing.
For many, though, the train itself defines the experience. Even in an age of low-cost airfares, the Trans-Siberian Railway remains at the top of many bucket lists, and for good reason: it is, in a very real sense, a journey through time.

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