I'm home. アイムホーム - 1月 2022

I'm home. アイムホーム - 11月 2021
I'm home. アイムホーム - 11月 2021
Japanese | 276 pages | PDF | 270.0 MB

ライフスタイルにこだわりを持つ“上質”“本物”志向のハイエンドな読者のための雑誌。プランニングから建築の構造、マテリアル、さらに家具や小物などインテリアのコーディネートまで、暮らしにかかわるテーマを広く取り上げています。Interior design magazine, "I'm home." had launched since January, 2000, having a theme of "high-end design and lifestyle". As the word speaks for itself, the magazine targets the high-end reading population who are conscious about their lifestyle, "high-quality & authenticity". We propose the idea of "comfort" within residence, incorporating new things while referring to the good, old style. "I'm home." extensively covers various items, starting from home design, architecture, structure/material of kitchens and bathrooms and furthermore, total coordination of interior such as furniture and little articles which are related to our lives is also covered.

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